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Scene Missing

by Sundayman

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pala-din Really amazing album! I guess Mr. Sundayman has excessively listened to old Vangelis records. Some sounds and atmospheres remind me of his 1981 album "see you later".
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RAK32 Like an old hippie from the 80s in contemplation phase. Makes me wanna drive in winter. Marble. Favorite track: Jupiter.
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Greek composer and producer Sundayman is back with his third solo album, entitled “Scene Missing”.

Following the very successful release of “Retronome”, Sundayman and George Manoloudis (lyrics, vocals, additional composing and artwork) joined forces once again and the creative process and exchange of ideas between the two friends resulted in “Scene Missing”. The album was recorded in Sundayman’s studio from February 2013 until December 2015 and was produced by the artist himself.

“Scene Missing” is not easily classified in a genre, because while it is basically an electronic pop synth record, based on the use of analogue vintage synthesizers with influences from the timbres of the 70’s and 90’s, one can listen in this certain psychedelic elements and an atmosphere of film music. In other words, “Scene Missing” could be the soundtrack of all the outtakes of a film that has never been filmed, but only existed in the minds of its creators.

Released on vinyl, cd and digital album from Inner Ear.


released November 7, 2016


All tracks composed, arranged & produced by Sundayman

Additional music on All Ιs Υou, Parts Οf Υou, Dandelion, Not Μe and Alive by George Manoloudis

Lyrics & vocals by George Manoloudis
Backing vocals by Sundayman
Main vocals on The Βig Οld Why by Natalie Roizman

Artwork by George Manoloudis
Mastering by Nikos Lavdas

Recorded by Sundayman at Inhousemusic Studio using:
Yamaha CS70m, Yamaha CS15D, Yamaha CS01, Roland Jupiter 4, Korg Σ, Korg Mini Pops, Eminent 310u, Roland VP330, Roland SH1000, ARP Strings Ensemble, Rhodes MK1, Access Virus TI, Novation mininova, Moog MG1, Moog Sub37, Moog Sub Phatty Nord Rack 2X, Doepfer MAQ16/3, NI Absynth 4, G Media M-tron Pro & Spectrasonics Omnisphere

An Inhousemusic production


all rights reserved



Sundayman Athens, Greece

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Track Name: Jupiter
Through a cloud of crystals
past the Great Red Spot
cyclons killed the main controls
we’ve come this far my love
we won’t give up, abort

Let the stars dictate the course
let the pulse release the force
let the heartbeats spiral
down the stormy vortex
of your eyes

Save a lifetime in your tank
open the valve to those who know
how to live inside your mind
how to keep pace with every stride

Simulate a love unknown
a mission without a plan at all
turbulent times are way behind
we’re gonna hold each other
all the way to Jupiter

take me there
Track Name: All Is You
I see what you mean
but with a silver cloud
I will erase the doubt
I will just speak out loud

I dive in your eyes
no matter what they say
I’ll swim against the tide
Drifting away in the open sea
washed away on the shore
again and again
counting the waves
on the skin that craves
for all that matters is you
and all is you
and all is you, and all is you
all is you, all is you
and all is you, all is you, all is you

Strong winds are blowing up your side
wild flames are giving up your fight
you can’t shoot at the rainbow
it won’t die cause you say so

All, all is you, all is you
you can’t shoot at the rainbow
it won’t die cause you say so

All, all is you, all is you
you can’t shoot at the rainbow
it won’t die cause you say so
take time, time is a healer
Track Name: Sun King
Fell to the ground he injured his rays
son of the sun, child of light
walked into town lyre in hand
looking for help pain getting worse

oh no, oh no

Sun King, Sun King
sinking, sinking
nobody cared he sang of beauty
love and joy with golden voice
under the rain he spoke of meadows
all ignored, all ignored

Sun King on his knees
he prayed to gods, he prayed to gods
prophecy said about a curse
could this be it, a punishment writ

Faith is blind, faith is blind no reason
faith is blind, faith is blind

Looked up the skies, bow in his hands
clouds were thick arrows were sharp
split them in half killed out the dark
all in the light, all in the light

Come down, come down again
and lift him up, take him up
fly away, over blue horizons
fly away

Follow him into the sun
follow him into the sunset
climb up the chariot of light

Sun King
into the sun
Track Name: Parts Of You
I gave my eyes to the birds
I gave my eyes to the birds
now I can see
the sun, the sun, the sun

I left my hands in the woods
I left my hands in the woods
now I can read
your mind, your mind, your mind

I put the rain in my mouth
I put the rain in my mouth
to numb the pain
the rain, the rain, the rain

I threw my heart to the sea
I threw my heart to the sea
now I can hear
your voice, your void, your voice
your void, your voice, your void
Track Name: Dandelion
Solve the riddle, haystack needle
give a little
have no words for your pretty face
you're miles away, pretty face
a hiding place

Slow the rhythm, take a breather
dance a little
found a frame for your pretty eyes
they hypnotize, pretty eyes
a sweet disguise

Can you whistle what you’re thinking
live a little
take a break from your busy day
your wired maze, not today
your online haze

In the middle of a ribbon
stay a little
make a loop round your pretty smile
a newfound life, pretty smile
a river wild

Place a fiddle on your fingers
play a little
have a song for your pretty voice
your secret joy, pretty voice
a melting point

Take a little stroll in the woods
barefoot walk around and choose
a place you need to go and rest
dig under the leaves and make a nest
Track Name: Lovers
We are lovers
precious lovers
about to sail out
to the sunset

We are one
we’re not done
we’re not done
we are one
Track Name: Not Me
Sniff a little glue
some gasoline for me
fold me in your arms
then kick me in the knee

Cut your finger blame
the bleeding all on me
shake the crystal ball
the snowman isn’t me
take another dive
and hold your breath
I will count to ten
before you scream why me

Drink another wine
to save the day
I will take the check
the rain is all on me

Calculate the math
the numbers cannot see
all the beauty drunk
and naked in your sea

Speak another language,
dialect for me
I will pick the words
that fell between your teeth
cut another question
off that tree
I will count to three
before you sing why me

Take a closer look inside your dream
you will realize the hero wasn’t me

Open up the door
you’re holding the wrong key
you may hear a voice
that really isn’t me

Not me

Take a closer look inside your dream
you will realize the hero wasn’t me
Track Name: Alive
I got trumpets
for the bluest of caves
I got sparkles
for your crystal lakes
I’m alive

I got honey
for the honey bee
I got a story
to read in your dream
I’m alive

I got fire
on my fingertips
I got a rabbit in my head
and a word for your lips
I’m alive

I got magic
of a certain kind
lift you up
no need to touch
I’m alive

I got winters
for the mountaintops
climb up
I got horses
for the valleys below
come down
Track Name: The Big Old Why
To whom it may concern:

This world flies
on auto-pilot suicide
and when they find the Big Black Box
-make no mistake-
they'll put the blame
on those who fought

This world relies
on your demise
and when they eat their cherry pies
they'll drop the crumbs
to cats and mice

This world breathes
on borrowed lungs
and when they draw their silver guns
they'll shoot the hopes
of those who come

So the next time we see parachutes
falling out of the sky
let's hope they are here on a mission
to solve the big old why

Let's hope they are the brave
orange-purple bleeding hearts
the sacred love guards
here, to find an answer
to one of the greatest mysteries
ever known to mankind:

-why, why do we hate?

Thank you for listening

show me the way
why do we hate
show me the way
show me how, show me how
why do we hate
tell me why, tell me why

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